On May 14, 2014, we plan to go to Bangladesh to work with an organization called, Brighter Dawns, to address health disparities in a specific ward, namely Ward 12, in Khalishpur, Bangladesh. Specifically, we plan to address water borne illness and infant mortality rates by first repairing decrepit and dysfunctional wells/latrines, then building new wells, latrines, and complementing our efforts with health hygiene education.

Brighter Dawns is a charitable organization that aims to decrease health disparities in Bangladesh by utilizing a “repair-it-first” model alongside infrastructure building, hygiene education, sanitation, and long-term local engagement.


And we are planning on going to Bangladesh May 14, 2014 to do a couple of things:

1. To oversee the construction of 4 wells and 2 latrines

2. To implement a survey which aims to qualify and quantify topics such as demographics and education level

3. To implement a health hygiene curriculum for the children and adults

4. Form partnerships with local NGOs which can help us further the reach of the organization in terms of surveying capabilities, repair and maintenance capabilities, and a network in Bangladesh who can assist us with communications and logistics.

We are excited for all of these goals, especially because we have been working tirelessly for months now to actually have these goals met. Countless hours of research, meetings, and coffee have been worth it because we are now in a great position to successfully execute these plans.

However, funding is an issue at this moment.

Ahh the joys of fundraising. The thoughts of injustice in the world creeps in when you think about how many corporations that promote destruction have multi-billion dollar budgets, while organizations that promote good health, and well being scrap for resources…

But I digress. Happy thoughts! 🙂

So we started a fundraiser page on a beautiful website called, “Volunteer Forever”


And any assistance in our endeavors would be greatly appreciated.

As we continue to address water borne illness rates and infant mortality rates in Bangladesh, we appreciate your time and hope that you can support us.





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