1st World Problems….

Got a fancy smartphone but now I have this super paranoia that I will drop it and break it so now I must invest in a fancy case for it?

Ughhh….talk about capitalism voids for cash.

But here we go!

R and I invested in the Samsung Galaxy S3 because of its 4G LTE capabilities as well the superior Android market. At first we really wanted to invest on a iPhone 5 because we are Apple fans, but the overall cost even with a 2 year plan was not worth it.

The S3 with a 2 year plan was $100 less than a iPhone 5, and the 4/4S just didn’t have the same specs as an S3.

Affordable and great specs?! The S3 it is!

But with great power, comes great responsibility.

And so a great protector of this amazing machine is needed!

Here are some of the cases that I looked in to:

Image1. Incipio – 


The DualPro was my favorite. This is a lighter version of the Otterbox and have cases with metallic styles. Personally I didn’t like the designs too much.


Image2. Urban Armour – 


Super protection. Military Feel to it. If you don’t mind the metallic and bulky look then this will provide excellent protection.


Image3. Griffin Protectors –


These are great if you don’t mind the design. Personally the “X” bulky design was just not for me.




Image4. Spigen –


Honestly, Spigen has one of the best designs out there. But there are more for the S4 and they are cutting down on the S3 case sales. If you have an S4 then I highly recommend the Spigen cases.


Image5.  Speck – 


These cases are colorful and look great. I personally wanted something which offered more protection but these cases look fantastic. The pink and white in particular looks great. It might be because it reminds me of R because it something I can totally imagine her using.


Image6. Case Mate – 


Great case. Great designs. Just didn’t have the “oomph” that I wanted.


Image7. Seidio – 


Honestly, out of all the blogs and threads about cases out there I have heard the best things about this company. The cases must have made a good impact on the buyers but I personally didn’t see what was so great about them. But this is definitely a popular choice. And the kick-stand is definitely a useful plus!


Image8. Otterbox – 


This is the case that I ended up going with. The reputation. The positive reviews. And the overall design and strength. I was definitely torn between the Defender Series vs. Commuter Series, but the design and reviews finally persuaded me to go with the Commuter Series.

I have to say there are plenty negative reviews. One in particular which troubles me the most was this one person wrote that because the case fit so well that it put pressure on the entire phone and ended up cracking her screen without dropping it.

I have to say, there will always be negative reviews but the Otterbox is the one for me for its protection, design, and overall quality.

If you are like me and are still paranoid about drops and screen cracks, Zagg or Spigen are the best.

Zagg: http://www.zagg.com/invisibleshield/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-cases-screen-protectors-covers-skins-shields.php

Spigen: http://www.spigen.com/cell-phone/samsung/galaxy-s3-cases.html

Hope you enjoyed my mini-rant about cases and screen protectors!

Till next time!




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