Hey all!

Music to me transcends most things in my life in terms of what it means to me and how I feel about it. From the biology of music, namely our primordial attraction to beats and rhythm, to the psychology of music, namely the pleasing effects of a perfect fifth or the emotional associations of major and minor keys, music has played a huge role in my life.


While my true love for music primarily lies in the Baroque Period with Johann Sebastian Bach topping any list of musicians, today’s “musicians” have made some great pieces of “music” as well.

I quote musician and music because the overall quality of music today does not even come close (meaning not even 1%) to the amount of talent, precision, heart, passion, spirituality, and expressiveness that the greatest  composers of all time have managed to convey such as Amadeus Mozart, Josef Haydn, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

With that said though, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, and Electronica which has dominated music in my lifetime have had some amazing records as well. And while the standard for “greatness” for this generation’s music is vastly different from the more classical era, there is some merit to music today.

Very briefly, music today mainly relies on repetitive beats and instrumentation with basic melodies and harmonies. There is usually a chorus, versus, and a bridge with a “hook” to dominate the instrumentation. While this simplistic version of music today may seem like a downgrade from the classics, these main forms were present in older music as well but it was just a lot more complex and longer. With songs being only about 3 minutes these days, the song needs to be catchy and quickly understandable.

I think music has transformed and with the electronic movement of music production where one can make a sick beat with just a Macbook these days.

Here is a list of my favorite songs in the last two decades! Hope you enjoy them!

Back At One – Brian McKnight

It’s Gonna Be Me – NSYNC


That’s The Way It Is – Celine Dion

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Lauren Hill

No Scrubs – TLC


Tearin’ Up My Heart – NSYNC

Crush – Jennifer Paige


Honey – Mariah Carey

Butterfly – Mariah Carey


I Want You – Savage Garden


On Bended Knee – Boys 2 Men


Secret – Madonna

O Holy Night – Mariah Carey

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey


I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Dreamlover – Mariah Carey


If You Asked Me To – Celine Dion


When a Man Loves A Woman – Michael Bolton

Everything I Do, I Do For You – Bryan Adams


U Can’t Touch This – M.C. Hammer


I love my music cartoon

This list encapsulates in many ways my life and helps me to orient the different phases in my life.

As you can probably tell, Mariah Carey is one of my all time favorites. And just to be clear, the  90s Mariah…not the Emancipated Mariah….I understand that she dealt with a lot of personal issues during the gap, but her voice just wasn’t the same afterwards.

Music is a great release for me, and a part of life which I could not live without.

Thanks for reading! 😀

Will keep this list updated as the years go by…




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