Day 4…

Which means my first round of pushups, pullups, plyometrics, yoga, and arm curls…

Here are just some thoughts on P90X that I wanted to share with you all!

Q: What does P90X do differently than any other workout?

A: P90X is really a holistic workout. Similar, but with many important differences, to “Insanity” (another great exercise program), the use of gravity and cardio are the main drivers. While other more professional body building workouts are better than P90X, this program isn’t really for bulk necessarily. The cardio and yoga portions alone make this workout much more than just for muscle growth. One clear way P90X is different to other workout videos is sheer time commitment.Not to just 90 days or more, but to each session. Other workout videos are about 30-45 minutes, but P90X can go as long as 90 minutes at a time. So make sure you can make that time commitment, and it will most definitely be worth it! A popular technique which is utilized in P90X is what is called, “muscle confusion”. Other workout videos have caught on to this very trendy addition, and the theory is inherent in the name itself. Muscles after repetition can “learn” to adjust to the demands and start plateauing in terms of growth. In order to prevent this the repetition which is involved needs to be strategically varied so that your muscles do not have time to adjust. P90X utilizes this technique with a wide plethora of exercises and schedule rotations which makes this program very effective in that regard.

Q: What if I don’t have 90 minutes a day? Is it still effective? 

A: The 90 is P90X is meant to indicate that this program takes a minimum of 90 days to see results. I personally think that 90 days, with 90 minute sessions is just a guideline. (albeit a very difficult to reach guideline) It is very common to not finish complete sessions in the beginning and most people take about a week or two to calibrate to the rigors of the program and so end up finishing well past 90 days. P90X like most other workout videos are more for motivation and direction. Motivation to have someone time each workout and give you tips, but direction which helps to prevent bad habits, form, and injury. I think each of these guidelines should be taken lightly and adjust them to your specific needs and manage your time commitments accordingly.


Q: What are your motivations for doing P90X? Is it just to get big? 

A: Actually, just some quick thoughts on my own motivations: I actually injured my right hamstring about 7 years ago and was in quite a bit of pain for many years. I knew that had I trained more and stretched properly I could have avoided it. During the years I was healing my leg I realized that weight training and strength training wasn’t just for the “Arnold Schwarzeneggers” of the world, but was a useful tool for preventing injury. And so P90X is a way for me to strengthen my smaller muscles so that I can perform at a higher level in sports and in Taekwondo (where I sustained my injury) in the future.

Q: On rainy days or drowsy days, or just plain lazy days how do you motivate yourself to do it, especially coming home from a long day’s work? 

ImageA: The most common misconception that I found to be on the minds of most of my friends and family members is that exercise is an energy “black hole”. In other words, after a 12-14 hour day at work, how am I supposed to crank out 160 pushups for the P90X chest/back program when all I want to do is just pass out and watch some shows? What I found to be the case 90% of the time is just the opposite. When I am most tired and sore, I push myself to workout out even more! The secret is….cardio, P90X, Insanity, Jillian’s, sports, jogging, power walking, jump roping (you get the idea) actually gives you MORE energy! With your blood pumping, you have even more energy to do your chores AND you are taking care of your body. As you work out, you will find yourself more astute, active, alert, and focused during your work hours and find yourself happier as well. So I found that the common (mis)conception of exercise itself was what I had to eliminate from my psyche in order to really embark on a road to fitness, and mental health and I’m loving every single moment of it.


Day 4 – As the first week comes to a close, I find that the first week is always the one that humbles me. The one that tells me – “hey you might have been able to fly when you were a teenager, but those days are behind you, and you got to work to regain that stamina.”

Sweat,sweat, and more sweat….Maybe a bit of tears on the Ab-Ripper program….

Onward and Upwards we go! I will do my best to keep this diary of my progress updated as much as possible!




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