I did my nails using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects I got in my Target Beauty Box yesterday.

I call it Chic. Pink. Glam. Definitely a Uptown girl meets Downtown girl look 🙂


This is what comes with the Salon Effects. It’s very simple. Just file your nails and place the sticker on. It feels like a layer of polish in a sticker form. Definitely cool and easily applicable unlike that weird Miss Beauty plastic application in last year’s Ipsy bag.



Here’s what I’m using. It’s OPI’s Italian Love Affair. Definitely a beautiful light pink.Image

Here’s the final result!

Hope you enjoyed!

Please let me know what you think of the Salon Effects 🙂

“That’s all for now!”, says Minnie!



-R ❤


3 thoughts on “Review/Look: Chic Pink Nails ft. Sally Hansen Salon Effects

  1. Ahh that looks so pretty! One thing I would suggest is taking a cotton swab and dipping it in nail polish remover, then using it to clean up the skin around your nail, just so it looks a wee bit cleaner. But other than that, gorgeous! I actually really love that pink color, I’m totally going to have to pick that up sometime!

    • Thank you for your compliment! I sure will remember that tip. I forgot that presentation is key in a blog hahaha I am a blogger now! hair flip* teehee. thanks for reading!

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