We’re going to see SUPERMAN! tonight 😀 We’re both REALLY excited ahhh! Review will be up later tonight!



R’s Opinion:

This movie was the most refreshing action movie and I could tell the directors and writers put a lot of effort to not make it cliche. As someone who didn’t read the comics, I felt I learned a lot about Kal/Clark. The debate covered in my FAVORITE movie GATTACA was present in the Man of Steel with the fight between natural born and artificial birth (IVF aka in vitro). Things like the repeating the fact that ‘S’ stood for hope made me feel it was authentic to the original comic (which is what die hard fans long for). I think they only said “superman” once in this well over two hour long movie. I gotta say the action was by far the best I’ve ever seen. While in other action movies there is a feeling of relief when the protagonist beats the life out of the antagonist once or twice, at best… Man of Steel manages to bring it up a notch with BAM BAMs everywhere. Lots of “OH SH@TS” in the audience if you know what I mean 😉 WHICH REMINDS ME! There was a kiss scene between Clark and Lois, of course, and a little girl shouted out “NO! ew” which made the audience burst out laughing. It was adorable and reminded me of when I saw Titantic when it came out in ~1st grade. hahahhahha!!! =_=;;;

Quick Tip! See it in 3D!!!!!!  It’s very, very worthy of 3D.. lots of stuff poking out at the screen constantly. AND OF COURSE, a finale with the destruction of NYC. sigh…. I cry.  But that’s another whole story hahhaa

PLEASE lemme know what you guys thought about this film. Would love to hear it! And now I hand you off to J and his thoughts of the Man of Steel 🙂 Till next time ❤




J ‘s Opinion:

Zach Snyder…..you did it again….as a huge “300” fan, Man of Steel is an excellent addition to your repertoire. Like R said above, the themes covered in this movie and obviously more in the comics resonated with me. From designer babies, to deterministic roles in society, to Malthusian themes on population control, and of course the worthiness of humans to survive as a species, were all abstract themes in the movie I thoroughly enjoyed.

                All in all, the movie’s cinematography and special effects were stunning and really had the Zach Snyder vibe with his play on shadows and colors. One directing choice I really enjoyed was the fact that they utilized flash backs to fill in the gaps of Kal/Kent’s background story instead of going chronologically. I think it really sped up the movie’s pace and made it much more enjoyable.

              Lastly, the cast was incredible! The cast was a combination of beloved characters  from Battlestar Galactica (the remake, not the original) and the Matrix Trilogy and of course, Amy Adams. All I could think about was her role in “Enchanted” and I could not take her role as Lois Lane seriously…And of course, Henry Caviill – from his role as Theseus in “Immortals” it was great to see him play Superman because his overall vibe, acting, and physique made Superman believable and enjoyable.

Great movie! And had a great time watching it with R! 🙂


Mickey Mouse


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