As the first NYK/Basketball post of this blog I want to take some time to say that if you cheer for the underdog and prefer fan loyalty over bandwagoning (I’m talking to you Miami fans) then you are in good company!

I have been a Knicks and Mets fan for my whole life and I have to say it has been a dark dark dark dark time….season ending injuries, superstars with max contracts underperforming or putting their egos ahead of their work, mismanagement, horrible coaching, too many old players….The list goes on!

It has been an exceptional year for the Knicks. After a decade of disarray from the Post-Ewing Era which featured some key characters in our epic tragedy such as Stephon Marbury, Eddie Curry, and now Amare Stoudemire – it has been quite an emotional ride.

But let me just say, to have finally grasped the Atlantic Division with 54 wins and to win a total of 6 playoff wins (which is the more than we’ve had in a decade combined) is quite an achievement. While the scoring title for Melo isn’t as big of a deal as MVP, it still says a lot about Melo’s focus throughout the regular season.

From his Denver Nuggets days, playing “bully-ball” and being known as a “ball-stopper” his reputation was put to the test this season and I think he’s shown great signs of improvement. I try to be mindful of his assist numbers being low because none of his teammates could make shots.
As for the the Knicks as a whole: post-season moves, contracts, and cap space will probably force the Knicks to be as good if not worse than this season next year.

Melo’s Career Highlights:


All in all, my predictions in the beginning of the season of being the 4th seed with a first round exit in the playoffs were definitely shattered with an exceptional Knicks season. I could have really done without JR’s abysmal post-season performance, but all in all a satisfying and cathartic season!



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