Hey gals!

I love you guys so much that I have decided to tell you about my babies. They are a multi purpose use product with the following functions: bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, shimmer! When I don’t want to put on too much makeup I use these and a little bit of eyeliner and mascara.

They are SO pretty and SO pigmented with the most GORGEOUS packaging. There’s a load of product with 0.3 oz in each. That’ll last a couple of years (and it’s sanitary since it’s in powder form). The formula is soft and creamy like UD shadows.


Here’s Mary-Lou. It’s a wonderful shimmer. Great for inner highlight and highlighting in general. It’s a top rated high end product by most Youtube beauty gurus I’ve come across.


Here’s Betty-Lou. This one works as a contouring, all-over bronzer, AND (my fav) it warms up any eye look and make the crease deeper. SO worth it.


Here are the swatches of each.

Retail: $22 each (but definitely worth it since packaging (cheaper than Benefit), formula (comparable to UD), and amount of product is of great value) — TIP: keep an eye out on HauteLook.com for 50% all theBalm products 😉 Since it’s a bit expensive and you were thinking of just getting one..I would recommend getting the one that corresponds to your skin color (i.e. Mary for lighter skin and Betty for darker)

Rating: 10/10 (PERFECT!)

If you have further questions feel free to leave a reply!

**If you want more reviews on theBalm’s products, please leave a reply. They are an underrated company; nevertheless, they are amazing. They’re a U.S. company AND they’re cruelty-free. What else can ya ask for? 😉

“That’s it for now”, says Minnie.





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