MY JUNE IPSY BAG IS HERE :)! The theme is “On the Wild Side’ and it is indeed a WILD bag starting off with this BEAUTIFUL neon green cheetah print bag 😀 LOVE it! It doesn’t fit much though.. just a compact, lip balm, and my GlamRX palette.


Overall, I am happy but not pleased with this bag. I am excited for being given the highlighter pencil and the copper blush. I will put up each product and its swatch below (the lip pencil will not be swatched and reviewed because I gave it to my grandmother heehee It was a brown color =_=; that’s not very wild!! )


First off, the Chella Ivory Lace highlighter pencil. It is smooth and glides as it touches the skin. I would describe it as a cream off-white color, like some popular wedding dresses. I usually don’t like pencils because they’re difficult to sharpen but I won’t say no if it comes in an Ipsy bag 🙂

Retail: $18 (so expensive!!!!!)


NYX’s copper blush is really, really smooth. The bumps feel really nice as I run my finger over it. It has fine micro-shimmers. It is comparable to theBalm’s Betty-LouManizer (but NYX’s has a pinker undertone). Love this product. I really would have liked to try the cream blush but I already got a similar fuschia blush in Feb 2013’s bag from the Bombshell called Beach Please. I would love to hear about NYX’s cream blushes in general though 🙂


100% Real Human Hair….. anyone else find this a little creepy? LOL I wasn’t estatic about receiving this because I wanted to try the purple gel liner from Catlyn. However, the lash band is clear plus the lash glue is black. And to my surprise, the lash glue is pretty decent O_O…


However, I tried to put it on today for church and it stuck out like a sore thumb in a bad way.. The lashes are too perfectly semi-circular. Definitely not for a natural look.


Next up, another J.Cat product. Glitter. Not my favorite in the bunch, but that’s the fun of Ipsy… maybe I’ll find I like it 🙂 I swatched  the yellow glitter on my hand and as you can see it is VERY chunky. Many Ipsters placed the glitter on their eyes and got it in their eyes. This is PAINFUL. Ipsy then sent out a message that it is for the body. A little too late! Please be careful Ipsters!

RATING:  7.5/10 

-wish Ipsy’s quiz asked specific questions like “What colors are you likely to wear: neons, neutral, etc?”

That’s it for now! Hope you liked this review and hope I like July’s bag even more!!

Thanks for reading!

“That’s it for now”, says Minnie.





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